If you are looking for a great caricaturist, look no further. For we have the best and fastest around. Our caricaturist will entertain you to the fullest extent.You will have a smile on your face when you see a likeness of yourself on paper and in color or black and white.

Our caricaturist, Gerry Hoylie, is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. She does 14 caricatures in an hour and in color. There is no one that can match her speed. 

Take a look at her video below. This video will show her live, drawing a caricature of a person from a party. The video is only slightly over 4 minutes in length. But when you see what she can do, you’ll be more than willing to hire her for your next party or event.

Watch Gerry in action as she does a caricature in about 4 minutes flat. That is fast.

To see Gerry’s many caricatures go to her Portfolio page. Once you’ve seen many of her samples, you’ll wonder why you haven’t hired her before now.