Caricatures are Great for Motivating Kid’s Self Esteem and Future Plans

Many people think of caricature art as a facial portrait with exaggerated features. But not all caricature art is of that type. There are many varieties. The one the Hollywood Caricaturist creates is a LARGE HEAD AND SMALL BODY. As is often said, this is a fun and adorable caricature.

Each person looks over a list of themes. For example, when at a high school event, students can choose from a future lawyer, doctor, teacher, business owner, baseball player, pro athlete, and so on. The list is extensive and fun.

When the caricature has been completed, the student can see him/herself as a SUCCESS! As the artist hands the caricature to the student, he/she gets to see a big smile in return. The best part: the receiver of the caricature owns the caricature. He/she can take it home and frame it. Maybe even stick it on a wall for all to see and admire, hoping that one day, what is in the caricature will happen.

Caricatures have always been and continue to be one of the greatest tools for motivating students and allowing them to have fun as well. To those in charge of student activities in grade school to universities, such a tool is one of the best forms of entertainment and is richly rewarding to all those who participate.

The next time you oversee party entertainment, choose an artist, who specializes in caricatures. You’ll be glad you did.