Caricatures are Great for Motivating Kid’s Self Esteem and Future Plans

Many people think of caricature art as a facial portrait with exaggerated features. But not all caricature art is of that type. There are many varieties. The one the Hollywood Caricaturist creates is a LARGE HEAD AND SMALL BODY. As is often said, this is a fun and adorable caricature.

Each person looks over a list of themes. For example, when at a high school event, students can choose from a future lawyer, doctor, teacher, business owner, baseball player, pro athlete, and so on. The list is extensive and fun.

When the caricature has been completed, the student can see him/herself as a SUCCESS! As the artist hands the caricature to the student, he/she gets to see a big smile in return. The best part: the receiver of the caricature owns the caricature. He/she can take it home and frame it. Maybe even stick it on a wall for all to see and admire, hoping that one day, what is in the caricature will happen.

Caricatures have always been and continue to be one of the greatest tools for motivating students and allowing them to have fun as well. To those in charge of student activities in grade school to universities, such a tool is one of the best forms of entertainment and is richly rewarding to all those who participate.

The next time you oversee party entertainment, choose an artist, who specializes in caricatures. You’ll be glad you did.

Gift Caricature for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a great gift for Valentine’s Day; something really unusual and different? Are you tired of the same old box of chocolates or teddy bear? Maybe your sweetheart would love an original caricature of the two of you in a romantic picture, especially designed by the Hollywood Caricatuirst.

The Hollywood Caricaturist creates beautiful GIFT CARICATURES which can be seen on the web site, “Couples are one of my fun things to draw,” remarks the Hollywood Caricaturist.  There are many themes that can be chosen. For example, a couple can be drawn in a conservative caricature having dinner in Paris, or something a little more daring, such as “in a bathtub.” The bathtub theme is a “clean” one. Pardon the pun!!!!!!

I Want a Fortune Teller at My Party But I am Afraid of It

What does a fortune teller do at my party? I am so afraid that they will tell my guests some scary news.

For example, a lady is having a big party. She wants to hire a fortune teller because they are so much fun. But she is apprehensive about it and will think to herself, “Is the Tarot card reader going to tell my guest that they will be hit by a bus next week?”

That is what so many clients say about hiring a fortune teller at their party. But the truth is that a good party agent who is sending the fortune teller, or a good fortune teller who books her own jobs, is totally professional. If the event is a party, the readings are supposed to be fun and informative. If the reader performs card reading, palm reading, or other type of divination, the reader will take anything bad from the reading and turn it into something positive. The guest must remember that the readings are for fun and entertainment, as well as be informative only. The whole idea behind the reading is to give a “Perk” to the guests. It is to give them a little bit of hope and inspiration. Mainly, the reading is to tell them some positive qualities about themselves.

Then they can go home saying, ‘WOW, I HAD A GREAT TIME AT BETH’S PARTY, I FEEL SO UPLIFTED.”

It is a very wise idea to ask the fortune teller or the agent representing the reader for a reference or two from a previous client. There are many local readers who are highly talented and helpful readers.
If you are hiring a psychic who is famous, you may not need references since they have a strong following, however, these psychics are very expensive and it may not be in the budget.

Fortune telling can be a lot of fun, and of course it is also magical and personal to each guest.
For example, in a Tarot reading, the reader may say, “I see some money opportunities coming to you in the near future, wait for a phone call.” In this day and age of shaky economic woes, that could really make a person’s day.

There are many types of fortune telling. Tarot reading is the most popular. If you go to Google and type in the keyword “fortune teller,” you may be surprised to find “Tarot reading” or “Tarot reader” as among the top ten keywords. Other kinds of fortune telling include palm readers, tea leaf readers, coffee grind readers, Rune readers (these are stones from the days of the Vikings), crystal ball readers, and angel readings (a lot softer for religious people who want messages from angels). There are even people who read lipstick kisses on paper, and feather placements, not to mention many other creative styles. For people who are totally against any form of divination, they can hire a handwriting analyst, which is a legitimate form of analyzing a person’s personality via their writing.

It is a plus to hire a reader who knows more than one form, such as a Tarot reader who also reads palms. Palm reading is directed more toward a person’s personality and their fate, where adding the Tarot to this adds more detail to the personal reading. For instance, the palm indicates a general time that the person will be married or have a significant relationship, but the Tarot reading will go into detail about the person’s appearance, their work, health, etc.


Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at

Use Creative Visualization to Manifest What You Want

There is an ancient technique that has proven successful to many people. It enables the individual to create the kind of life they always wanted. That is called Creative Visualization. It is so easy to do and a lot of fun as well.

How does it work? Creative Visualization is a process where pictures and thoughts are used to impress on the subconscious mind for the purpose of having a better, happier life. There was a famous metaphysical author who stated, “Thoughts create things.” Just look around your room right now, and look at the furniture, the paintings on the wall, your computer, and everything else. Each item in your room was created first in someone’s mind before it was ever created in the physical world. And each one of us has the power to create whatever we want in our life through visualizing it first.

Do you want more money? Do you want a different house? Have you always dreamed of living in Paris? Do you want to play in a rock band? The list can go on and on. We as human beings are much more powerful than we may realize, and because of this fact, we have the power to create or manifest exactly what we want. There are thousands of people who have created the happy marriage, money, health, and more just by this ancient and powerful technique.

If a person has never done this before they may become frightened at first. They may think that this is some form of divination. This is farther from the truth. This is as natural as drinking water. And certainly, no demons from the underworld will appear.  The lesson usually starts out with a form of meditation or relaxation exercise. For example, you may be told to close your eyes and keep both feet on the floor with your hands resting on your laps. You will then be told to breathe deeply and slowly, and to relax. You are also told to go to a place that is peaceful and calm, such as a beach or the mountains, a place that is your favorite peaceful place.

One method called the Silva Method or Silva Mind Control, created by Jose Silva teaches these techniques. Your goal is to visualize a large mirror in your field of vision and to actually see what you want as if it is happening in the present moment. One must never worry about the process of how to get to the goal, but only the final end result.  For example, if you are attending a university and aren’t sure you will graduate because the course work is difficult, by merely visualizing yourself on your graduation day, receiving your diploma, you can be empowered to actually make that happen. But what if you aren’t a very visual person and it is difficult to picture these ‘movies in the mind’?  Well you can practice by holding a red apple in your hand and look at it for a minute, then close your eyes and see it in your mind’s inner eye. After awhile, you will be able to visualize those images in your mind with no effort.

It is also very important in creative visualization to do this practice on a daily basis, not just once or twice. To make it very effective in your life, there must be a commitment. It should never feel like a chore, only fun and exciting.  It is also important to put emotion into the exercise, such as feelings of deep passion. The Universe responds to emotion. There are many spiritual and metaphysical teachers that have classes in Creative Visualization. By doing a search, you will find many with very affordable fees.

After all, just think of the fantastic rewards? In fact, go watch The Secret and you’ll learn more about it.

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at

Draw a Crowd

Are you thinking of ways to generate traffic to your trade show booth? Why not hire a caricature artist? You may not realize it, but people love caricatures.  If you don’t already know, caricatures are an exaggerated cartoon type drawing of a person. Each caricaturist has their own unique style and not one is like the other. Some caricatures are very goofy, comical renditions, while others are cute and adorable. 

Some caricaturist have been drawing professionally for over 20 years and people will stand in line for over an hour and sometimes over an hour just to get a caricature to take home. Just think of it, not only can you get people at your booth, but they will stay for more than a minute or two. Now here is your chance to come over to them and hand out your brochures and talk about your services. Even if you had a free sweepstakes promotion, it wouldn’t be as lucrative as a caricature artist. It only takes a minute or two to fill out a sweepstakes ticket and the person is gone. However, while the caricaturist is busy drawing, you can attract a lot of people to the booth and hence more business prospects for you.

And here is another added plus. You can preprint the paper that the caricaturist draws on with your own company logo and other pertinent information. Companies such as Kinko can do it for a very reasonable price.  You will never be forgotten when the caricature is framed at home. This is a great marketing tool and it has been done by many large corporations for sales promotion purposes.

Caricaturists are very affordable and are not as expensive as you might think. They are a lot more affordable than keynote speakers, for example.  They are usually willing to “haggle” with you on a good deal. You don’t have to fly an artist from out of town. Just do a search in your favorite search engine and you can find local artists very easily. If one artist isn’t available for your particular “gig,” they will give you telephone numbers of fellow artists, due to the fact that they are constantly networking with each other, trading their jobs, etc.

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at

Learn to Draw When You Can’t Draw a Straight Line

I have been drawing caricatures at parties for over 20 years professionally at all sorts of events. During that time, while doing my job of drawing, I have been approached by many people, who made the same statement over and over again, “I wish I could draw like you, I wish I had that talent, I can’t even draw a straight line.”

Well, believe it or not, if you really put your mind to it, you can draw a picture and continue to draw more things like landscapes, portraits, cartoons, fashions, animals, and much more. Of course, it takes some time and practice, but there are some people who don’t want to put the time and effort into practicing drawing every day. It is like the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? You have to practice, practice, and practice some more.” In addition, folks, you must love it, love the experience of drawing. If you love it, you can do it.

As I pointed out in my e-book, “How to Draw Like You Have Always Wanted To,” you have to start with the very basics of drawing and move from there, to creating real art work. It all starts with the same creations that are found on many peoples’ doodles. You have to learn how to draw objects as squiggles, oblong circles, out-of-shape circles, circles that are perfectly round, dots, marks, dashes, and shapes that come from letters like S,G, T, etc. You also have to learn how to move a pencil or pen to create free-flowing shapes, lines, dots, and more, while having fun doing it.

If a person wants to learn to draw it is very important to learn to SEE. Artists are visual and the best lesson is to REALLY LOOK AND SEE THINGS in this universe. I am surprised how many married men don’t even know the color of their wife’s eyes, when you ask them. Funny right? And from there, with all these skills of seeing and looking and practicing and finding the sensuous experience of drawing, you need to use your skills, and take many different shapes, and put them together to form – guess what? A CREATION. OK, the creation may be in the early stages of a masterpiece, but it can be anything that you may want to draw. What you drew will eventually evolve into whatever you propose it to be like a flower, a cat, a house, a tree, a landscape or an abstract something, even an alien from another planet. Gee, artists do have fun don’t they?

Guess what, it isn’t as difficult as it looks, it takes devotion, practice, and some learned skills. If you are interested in hiring Gerry Hoylie to draw for you and your guests at your next party or event, or you rather hire Gerry to train you or your kids to draw, just call her at 212-532-1142 and let her know the details. You can also send her email to

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at

Choosing the Right Celebrity Look-alikes

Everyone knows or has a favorite celebrity, either presently or from the past. How many times have they fantasized about having that celebrity at their special event? Wouldn’t it be nice to have Elvis Presley or Lucille Ball show up at your next birthday party and sing Happy Birthday? Or perhaps you may want a celebrity such as Paris Hilton or Christine Aguilera. Think this is impossible? Not if you have a celebrity impersonator doing it. And a celebrity impersonator can make your event scintillating and glamorous. It can definitely take you out of the party doldrums.

Think about this. You are entertaining your guests when suddenly in walks Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. Your guests flip when they seen them. Having an impersonator can really liven up the party and get the party moving. The biggest question is how to choose the right one for your party? Not all of them are available so which one would be the best choice, and how do you find them? The best way to know which one is the best one is by “word of mouth”. If you have a friend who has already hired a talented performer to entertain at their party, you can get the talent’s telephone number and you are all set. However, if your friend won’t tell you anything and you find yourself looking for a celebrity look-a-like on your own, you may have to go to Google in order to locate the one you want. If so, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

First, there are celebrity impersonators who aren’t as great in person as they may appear to be on the internet or on their web sites. There are those who are incredibly talented, while there are those who were barely mediocre. They can hype up their web sites with many accolades, and place slick photos there to make themselves look better than what they really are. Here are a few pointers.

1. Make sure the photos they are showing were taken within the last few years. There are many impersonators, especially Marilyn Monroe impersonators who are much older than their photos. You might be disappointed if the picture you saw does not look like the woman that shows up at your party and who looks more like Marilyn’s mother or possibly Grandmother. To prevent this from happening to you, get at least three recent references and do a follow up. Many people can be dishonest and give you references of their best friend who may lie for them.

2. Go directly to the impersonators themselves and not the slick high priced agents who charge high prices in order to pay their office rent. You could literally save $500 by doing this. If you can’t find a George Clooney impersonator, don’t be afraid to call other impersonators on the web and ask them if they know where he may be found. It might take a little footwork but it is worth it. Performers are usually willing to help another artist get a “GIG”, due to the fact that it is a networking business.

3. When you get in contact with the impersonator, ask to see a DVD of his/her work. Since this is the age of cyberspace and email, the impersonator may more than likely send you his information by email. If the impersonator you are interested in sings, for example, such as Christine Aguilera, then you would want to see a sample of her work. If the impersonator “LIP sinks” to the music, then you should be able to negotiate the price down a bit. Live vocalists can command more money. Be aware that there are a variety of impersonators who are just “look-a-likes. Others are look-a-likes with talent, such as singing with music, comic performances, and/or dancing.

4. There are two basic performances. One is a “Birthday or Party Gram” which lasts for a short time (less than 15 minutes). These should cost less than $300. A longer performance may include a “comedy roast’ for the guest of honor, music including perhaps three songs, and a photo shoot with guests. This second type of performance could run you anywhere from $400 to $1000, depending on the celebrity. But as stated before, you can keep the price down if you go directly to the performer and sign a contract with him.

Have fun with your next event by having a celebrity impersonator entertain your guests. And take a video of the events for a keepsake. By having an impersonator at your next party will give it more spirit and provide you with a lot of joy and make your guest of honor and other guests talk about it for many years to come.

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her an email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at

Hire Only the Best Caricaturist

How Do You Know Which Caricaturist is the Best One for Your Event?

You are having a party and you want to provide the best type of entertainment so your guests aren’t bored. Or maybe you are the exhibit manager at a booth at a big trade show and you are in charge of entertainment for your event. You were told to hire a caricature artist. Your manager told you to hire the best caricaturist that you can get, but you can’t even pronounce the word. So you go online and “Google” caricaturist and maybe put in a few more key words for your state, city, etc. You come up with tons of web sites with slick pictures of caricatures done by the artist, along with a bio and client list. You might make a few phone calls. One artist tells you that he only draws big heads with no “little bodies”. Another artist tells you that she only draws profiles with little bodies and to draw in color will be an extra charge. Another artist tells you that she will do the job but you must get a back up in case she doesn’t feel good that day. By this time, you are feeling dizzy from all this searching around for the best caricaturist in your particular city or town.

Caricature artists are a rare breed of artist. They are just like flowers, not one is exactly like the other. Because caricaturists are artists they look at a person or even a person’s dog or cat and render their interpretation of the subject. Caricature is a French word and it means to exaggerate. Traditionally caricatures were first done and supposedly invented in Eastern France in the 19th century to make fun of the political figures of the time. Obviously it took off from there and the world has fallen in love with caricatures since then. Therefore you must be aware of the way an artist exaggerates their subject.

Some caricaturists draw extremely comical renditions while others are a bit more flattering of the person in the “hot seat”. Some caricaturist, for example, exaggerates big beautiful eyes rather than a big nose. This might be good if your clients or your relatives are vain. Knowing all this information is not enough. You also need inside information, so you’ll know how to get the best caricature artist for your particular needs.

First, it is important to know that if you are having a large turnout of people, the artist must be able to draw more than four pictures per hour. There are caricaturists who draw “masterpieces that were museum quality,” but have up to 25 people standing in line waiting patiently while the particular caricaturist took twenty minutes to draw one person. This is downright sad and disappointing to the guests who went home empty handed. This is why when you select a caricaturist for your next party or even, that you get one who is quick and accurate.

It is very important as well to check references of the artist. Ask for more than one reference and ask if the guests seemed happy with their caricature. Ask if the caricaturist was personable and nice. There are some artists that hate the job and just look at it as a stop gap to their big break in Hollywood. The caricaturist you hire doesn’t have to be a stand up comic but a pleasant disposition is important and a genuine liking of people is important as well. It is also necessary for your own peace of mind to sign a contract with the artist. In case of an emergency, the contract should state that they supply an adequate substitute. Caricature artists are very familiar with networking and trade jobs with other artists all the time.

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also a Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her an email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at