Psychics-Fortune Tellers

Are you interested in your future? Want to know if the man you love is your soul mate? Want to know if you really will find true love in life? If you are in school do you want to know about your grades?

Whether you are in school or living as an adult, you are more or less curious about your future. Everyone is to some extent.

As an entertainment company, we have the best psychics around. We only provide the best psychics because we want to make sure you get the best in entertainment for your money.  

Allana has advised some of the most prominent figures from the Upper East Side of NYC, Upper West Side, NYC, and in other states as well. If you want to be be dazzled and frazzled? If you want to be mystified, enter the world of mystery. Spice of your next event with a scintillating mystic or gypsy fortune teller or new age entertainer.

Here is a list of what to choose from:

  • Fortune Tellers
  • Crystal readers¬†
  • Tarot Card readers
  • Handwriting analysts
  • Palm readers
  • Tea leaf readers
  • Numerologists
  • And more…

Take a look at a couple of our best psychics in action below:


If you like what you see, then give Allana a call. You can call 212-532-1142 and ask for Gerry Hoylie. Or send an email to