I Want a Fortune Teller at My Party But I am Afraid of It

What does a fortune teller do at my party? I am so afraid that they will tell my guests some scary news.

For example, a lady is having a big party. She wants to hire a fortune teller because they are so much fun. But she is apprehensive about it and will think to herself, “Is the Tarot card reader going to tell my guest that they will be hit by a bus next week?”

That is what so many clients say about hiring a fortune teller at their party. But the truth is that a good party agent who is sending the fortune teller, or a good fortune teller who books her own jobs, is totally professional. If the event is a party, the readings are supposed to be fun and informative. If the reader performs card reading, palm reading, or other type of divination, the reader will take anything bad from the reading and turn it into something positive. The guest must remember that the readings are for fun and entertainment, as well as be informative only. The whole idea behind the reading is to give a “Perk” to the guests. It is to give them a little bit of hope and inspiration. Mainly, the reading is to tell them some positive qualities about themselves.

Then they can go home saying, ‘WOW, I HAD A GREAT TIME AT BETH’S PARTY, I FEEL SO UPLIFTED.”

It is a very wise idea to ask the fortune teller or the agent representing the reader for a reference or two from a previous client. There are many local readers who are highly talented and helpful readers.
If you are hiring a psychic who is famous, you may not need references since they have a strong following, however, these psychics are very expensive and it may not be in the budget.

Fortune telling can be a lot of fun, and of course it is also magical and personal to each guest.
For example, in a Tarot reading, the reader may say, “I see some money opportunities coming to you in the near future, wait for a phone call.” In this day and age of shaky economic woes, that could really make a person’s day.

There are many types of fortune telling. Tarot reading is the most popular. If you go to Google and type in the keyword “fortune teller,” you may be surprised to find “Tarot reading” or “Tarot reader” as among the top ten keywords. Other kinds of fortune telling include palm readers, tea leaf readers, coffee grind readers, Rune readers (these are stones from the days of the Vikings), crystal ball readers, and angel readings (a lot softer for religious people who want messages from angels). There are even people who read lipstick kisses on paper, and feather placements, not to mention many other creative styles. For people who are totally against any form of divination, they can hire a handwriting analyst, which is a legitimate form of analyzing a person’s personality via their writing.

It is a plus to hire a reader who knows more than one form, such as a Tarot reader who also reads palms. Palm reading is directed more toward a person’s personality and their fate, where adding the Tarot to this adds more detail to the personal reading. For instance, the palm indicates a general time that the person will be married or have a significant relationship, but the Tarot reading will go into detail about the person’s appearance, their work, health, etc.


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