Use Creative Visualization to Manifest What You Want

There is an ancient technique that has proven successful to many people. It enables the individual to create the kind of life they always wanted. That is called Creative Visualization. It is so easy to do and a lot of fun as well.

How does it work? Creative Visualization is a process where pictures and thoughts are used to impress on the subconscious mind for the purpose of having a better, happier life. There was a famous metaphysical author who stated, “Thoughts create things.” Just look around your room right now, and look at the furniture, the paintings on the wall, your computer, and everything else. Each item in your room was created first in someone’s mind before it was ever created in the physical world. And each one of us has the power to create whatever we want in our life through visualizing it first.

Do you want more money? Do you want a different house? Have you always dreamed of living in Paris? Do you want to play in a rock band? The list can go on and on. We as human beings are much more powerful than we may realize, and because of this fact, we have the power to create or manifest exactly what we want. There are thousands of people who have created the happy marriage, money, health, and more just by this ancient and powerful technique.

If a person has never done this before they may become frightened at first. They may think that this is some form of divination. This is farther from the truth. This is as natural as drinking water. And certainly, no demons from the underworld will appear.  The lesson usually starts out with a form of meditation or relaxation exercise. For example, you may be told to close your eyes and keep both feet on the floor with your hands resting on your laps. You will then be told to breathe deeply and slowly, and to relax. You are also told to go to a place that is peaceful and calm, such as a beach or the mountains, a place that is your favorite peaceful place.

One method called the Silva Method or Silva Mind Control, created by Jose Silva teaches these techniques. Your goal is to visualize a large mirror in your field of vision and to actually see what you want as if it is happening in the present moment. One must never worry about the process of how to get to the goal, but only the final end result.  For example, if you are attending a university and aren’t sure you will graduate because the course work is difficult, by merely visualizing yourself on your graduation day, receiving your diploma, you can be empowered to actually make that happen. But what if you aren’t a very visual person and it is difficult to picture these ‘movies in the mind’?  Well you can practice by holding a red apple in your hand and look at it for a minute, then close your eyes and see it in your mind’s inner eye. After awhile, you will be able to visualize those images in your mind with no effort.

It is also very important in creative visualization to do this practice on a daily basis, not just once or twice. To make it very effective in your life, there must be a commitment. It should never feel like a chore, only fun and exciting.  It is also important to put emotion into the exercise, such as feelings of deep passion. The Universe responds to emotion. There are many spiritual and metaphysical teachers that have classes in Creative Visualization. By doing a search, you will find many with very affordable fees.

After all, just think of the fantastic rewards? In fact, go watch The Secret and you’ll learn more about it.

Gerry Hoylie is known as the Hollywood Caricaturist. Gerry is a licensed NYC and New York State Art Teacher. She has taught painting and drawing to both adults and children. Gerry is also an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. If you wish to contact here you can by sending her email to or call her at 212-532-1142, or go to her website at